Four-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive.

In the market for a sporty, stylish, engaging car? Visit MINI of Downtown Los Angeles , a top-ranked Los Angeles, CA MINI dealer, and see our diverse selection of incomparable MINI vehicles. MINI automobiles are known worldwide for their fun-to-drive nature, as well as their great fuel economy and near-endless customization possibilities. At our 6201 S Alameda Street MINI dealership serving Santa Monica, CA and Torrance, CA, you can acquaint yourself with various MINI models that come with all-wheel drive, an invaluable plus for drivers seeking better control, traction, and handling in bad weather and slippery road conditions.


If you live in North Hollywood, CA or Long Beach, CA, you may be wondering what the difference is between AWD and 4WD. There are a couple of key distinctions between the two, the most important being the vehicle type that features each system. 4WD is the exclusive province of trucks and heavy-duty, off-road-focused SUVs. 4WD is a heavier, more complex setup than AWD, and so it requires a vehicle that’s specifically designed to handle the extra weight and components. 4WD drive is for vehicles that spend a lot of time off the beaten path. On the other hand, AWD is a lighter, more flexible system that can be integrated into a wider variety of automobile, including sedans, wagons, and SUVs. Also, AWD is “always on”, directing power to whichever wheel(s) needs it most, whereas 4WD can be turned on and off by the driver as needed.

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If you’re seeking to purchase a vehicle like a MINI Cooper Countryman, you’ll be thrilled with this vehicle’s generous equipment list, eye-catching styling, and roomy interior, as well as its available AWD system. AWD will serve you well in any kind of weather, whether you’re driving in snow, rain, or sleet. In fact, AWD can be more advantageous than 4WD in some weather conditions, based on the difference in how each system delivers power to the vehicle’s wheels. Another AWD car we offer is the MINI Cooper Paceman, a compact coupe that also features great visibility, a fuel-efficient powertrains, and a compelling driver seat experience.

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MINI of Downtown Los Angeles is a five-star destination for a new or used MINI Cooper near Los Angeles, CA. From the iconic MINI Cooper Hatchback to the spacious MINI Cooper Countryman, we have a wide variety of MINI vehicles available for test driving and purchasing. AWD vehicles may cost a little bit more than autos with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, but the extra expense is often worth it, especially if you prioritize the extra handling, control, and performance benefits that a MINI AWD system provides. Come by and talk to our dealers about our AWD models today!

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